Get valuable local data and insight about Midtown to help make informed decisions. Midtown Alliance maintains a wide array of information to help explain the geographic, demographic, and physical makeup of the District, updated regularly.

New & Noteworthy


Midtown Development Activity

JUL 2021 • Current development activity maps and summaries.



Midtown Atlanta Job Growth Report

JUN 2021 • Compilation of reported job announcements for Midtown Atlanta, with summary of estimated headcount, industry breakdown and more



Transportation Management Plan Development Guide

MAY 2021 • This guide details best practices for designing the built environment to support transportation alternatives to driving alone.


Most Downloaded


Development Tour

JUN 2020 • Interactive map of major development projects that have been delivered since 2010.



Only in Midtown Atlanta - Midtown Market Profile

MAY 2021 • A summary of the district's assets



Midtown Transportation Plan

FEB 2017 • Report and action plan that summarizes the analysis conducted during a 2016 Comprehensive Transportation Study and describes the projects, policies, and programs that will be implemented over time.