Fun Things to Do and Share

Show Us What You've Got

We're calling on everybody in our community to contribute a positive and uplifting message that makes people smile. Get creative for your chance to earn a custom Midtown reusable face mask from us by taking part in any of these fun activities. 


Shall We Dance?

Record a short video of you and a friend engaged in an epic dance battle on the sidewalk. Here's how:

  • Head to the  "Social distancing dance-off" sidewalk decal at West Peachtree and 14th Streets (southeast corner).
  • Stand 6 ft apart on the decal and be sure to each wear a face mask.
  • Film your dance-off (less than one minute is great) and show us your best moves.
  • Post it, tag us, and we'll make a you a star on social media. @MidtownATL (Facebook, Twitter) @Midtown_ATL (Insta)  #KeepMidtownOpen

While we wait for the first videos from the community, here's something to get you inspired.


Other Sidewalk Activities

Snap a pic or shoot a video clip of you and a friend masked up and having fun with another activity as suggested on the sidewalk decals we've placed throughout the district. Be on the lookout for virtual hugs, hopscotch, and more. Post your good time at the decals - remember to wear a face covering and stay 6ft apart - tag us, and we'll celebrate you in the Twitterverse. @MidtownATL (Facebook, Twitter) @Midtown_ATL (Insta)  #KeepMidtownOpen


Design a Hopeful Message for Midtown

Right now, everyone could use an encouraging message to get through these tough times. Help us design a street banner that's just for Midtown, with original graphics and a tagline that can lift up the neighborhood.

  • What are your ideas for a compelling image and a short message (aim for 5-7 words max) that can lift up the Midtown community right now?
  • Download the 24"x48"banner template.
  • Send your submission to us at by December 1. 
  • We'll convene a panel of judges to choose the best ones, and selected entries will be printed and installed on light poles early next year.


Other Ideas?

If none of these creative activities fit the bill for you, suggest something to us. What can we do together as a community that will help keep Midtown open and emerge stronger from this difficult year? We're listening. Shoot us an e-mail anytime and share your ideas.


Discover more ways you can help Keep Midtown Open.

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