Eat. Drink. Shop. Support Midtown businesses.

Many of us have been away from the things we love experiencing in Midtown. And hope continues to grow stronger each day that we will soon get back to what we’ve been missing. Like shopping for gifts and browsing in a store. Eating a meal at a restaurant or grabbing drinks. Sitting down in the salon for a haircut or manicure. Seeing a show in a theatre. Hanging out around other people. Finding adventure in the heart of Atlanta.  
There’s a lot to love here. And Midtown businesses have missed you just as much as you have missed them. When you’re ready to come back, we’ve got a bunch of ideas to help you get reacquainted. Check out these simple actions you can take to support Midtown businesses:


Give the gift card made especially for the Midtown ATL neighborhood. 

Accepted at 40+ locations and counting, it’s an easy and worthwhile way to spend money in-person at stores, restaurants, hotels, and more in the district. The new MidtownATL community gift card can be sent by email or text to friends, family, colleagues, employees, and clients. It works just like a regular gift card but can be used all over our community. And when you use it, you're putting much needed revenue back into Midtown businesses. 

Get Your Gift Card Now

Share the local love, straight from your smartphone or PC. 

How else can you come through for the Midtown street-level businesses you love? Take part in these simple actions online to give them a lift: 

  • Post your plated meal pics and in-store experiences to social media and tag #MidtownATL
  • Leave a positive review online (Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, etc) 
  • Reshare posts about Midtown street-level businesses in your network 
  • Vote Midtown businesses for “Best of” awards published in local media
  • Tell us about your favorite Midtown business that we can profile in our newsletter

Know before you go. Use these tips to plan ahead.

Make it a priority to go out and visit brick-and-mortar, local Midtown businesses. Get your steps in and try these resources:

  • When you need something, forgo the online shopping and delivery services, some of which charge service fees to restaurants and stores that eat into their profitability.
  • Use our updated directory and maps to get plugged back into what’s here and what’s changed since you’ve been away from Midtown. 
  • Midtown Alliance members can download and use the Offers feature in the IN*MidtownATL app to find specials at nearby shops and restaurants. And members can use the analog “Meet me in Midtown” card to get 10% off at select retailers.

Did You Know?

  • Midtown boasts 100K square feet of outdoor dining space. We checked in with restaurateurs about how they're using it to bolster recovery.
  • A new Korean fried chicken restaurant in Midtown has a cool origin story that's worth discovering. Check it out!
  • Atlanta City Council member Andre Dickens developed a great list of 300+ Black-owned businesses in the ATL, including several based in Midtown. View it here.