Because there is personality to this great place.

Envision the kind of environment where you’d like to live and work: A place that is beautiful, clean and safe. Streets that are easy and walkable – with lots of transportation options. Boundless choices for enjoyment – from diverse dining to the finest in arts and culture. Accessible parks and greenspace. Successful businesses and convenient retail. A place that is alive with the pulse of the community. This is Midtown Atlanta.

Did you know?

  • We're  home to the "heart of the arts" in the Southeast, with the highest concentration of cultural and arts institutions which welcome more than 6 million visitors each year
  • With four miles of bike lanes - and six more miles coming soon - 14 miles of new sidewalks, and extensive transit options, Midtown is one of the most accessible urban areas
  • More than 81,000 employees report to work each day in Midtown
  • Midtown is home to internationally-recognized Fortune 500 brands, eight of the city’s 10 largest law firms, and a growing number of small to mid-size businesses

In Midtown, people, business and culture converge to create a live-work-play community with a personality all its own, and a quality of life virtually unmatched in the Southeast. Midtown is a great place to call home, a corporate address of choice, and a cultural destination.

What's more, there is an organization - Midtown Alliance - whose job it is to create a superior urban experience in Midtown.  Since 1978, Midtown Alliance has been the driving force behind the revitalization of Midtown and sustaining the district as a premiere destination for commerce, culture, learning and life.


Guided by a Vision

Districts like Midtown Atlanta don't happen without a vision. Blueprint Midtown defined the district, and resulted in the single largest re-zoning in the City's History. Read the Executive Summary.


Walk This Way

Download a printable version of the Midtown Walking Map, a handy guide to local restaurants, stores and services.


At Work for Midtown

Midtown Alliance, with the financial support of the Midtown Improvement District (MID), works to make Midtown an even more vibrant, walkable center. Learn about our programs and projects.